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About Our Company
For the client it means Life Coaching at Home, On the Go, or Face-to-Face!

M/Y Unfolding Life Coaching in Jacksonville, Florida offers a Holistic and Christian based life coaching environment. Established in 2015, and officially opened for business in 2016 we do not have an exclusive client history, but we are continuing to build our client structure that involves not only using online features to better serve clients that do not have time to travel to engage in face-to-face coaching sessions, but also for clients that are either not computer savvy or just prefer to have face-to-face interaction. We talk with you, not at you; like you are family; we help you address your concerns and goals. We provide coaching services to people who are not seeking a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, or a professional specializing in mental illnesses but rather those people seeking a Transformation Life Coach to help them build his or her mind-set and whole body awareness via change of attitude so that he or she will embark on making a positive, doable change in his or her life.

A Message From Our Owner/Founder
Owner and Manager of M/Y Unfolding Life Coaching LLC

Welcome everyone!


First let me say that I am certified in many coaching genre's and have various degrees; I am also an Independent Ordained Nondenominational Universal Life Church Clergywoman, Blogger, Author, and Kappa Delta Pi.


As a Certified Transformation (Attitude) Coach, which is my primary specialty, I started this company to help people make changes in their lives; help them to learn how to thrive in whatever they desire despite life challenges. I have experience and great insight in connecting with people and naturally want to help people discover their purpose, passion, excitement, and fulfillment through learned and practiced experiences with me as your attitude life coach.


In ways for you to connect with me know that I am innovative, dynamic, supportive, understanding and sympathetic. I have been where many of you have been, suffered in ways like many of you have suffered and I have disabilities like most of our human population. So, I am testifying that I changed things in my life, love what I do as a life coach and feel blessed to be able to do it despite my own life challenges. Now, I am taking this testimonial further to give back to the community; to help you proclaim your testimony in life. I believe in positive outcomes for my clients. Let me EMPOWER you today!

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