Transformation Coaching
M/Y Unfolding Life Coaching in Jacksonville, Florida provides deep thought, actionable transformation coaching for its clients. Soon, we will be offering Print and E-books, as part of our life coaching services, so be sure you keep checking back to our website for updates.


Schedule a one-on-one session or group session, whichever best suits your particular situation and need. Because services are primarily promoted online, you can hire us at your most convenient time and or while you are on the go. Sessions can be performed via smart phone or using your home desktop computer.


Coaching sessions must come at the request of the proposed client.

***Pro-Bono services are available for limited times each year and are at the discretion of the company.

Client Benefits

  • Enabling a sense of worthiness
  • Mastering your spirituality
  • Patenting your life desires
  • Owning up to challenges
  • Waking up the "whole you
  • Expunging the excuses
  • Replacing the old you

Type of Clientele

Typically, our clients are age 25 and above; see information below concerning minors. The following are some but not all dynamics for which we provide life coaching services:

  • Singles
  • Couples 
  • Families
  • People with Chronic Illnesses
  • People with Physical Disabilities
  • People with Cancer or recovering

*** Sessions with Minors
In cases that involve a family with an under-aged member, you must agree to additional terms. For one, minors will have to be registered by their parents, as in the case with family-type coaching. Please visit our disclaimer and policy page for more details.

Brenda Rockward Enterprises LLC doing business as M/Y Unfolding Life Coaching LLC does not accept medical/health insurances to cover coaching sessions. Fees are paid up front for all scheduled coaching sessions.